Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Today is my Dad's (a.k.a.Tata) Birthday. He is such an example of selflessness and true love of family. I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished in life. His simple charitable acts for others has made him great in the eyes of many. He truly magnifies his priesthood and his callings in life.

I remember so many fun times spent with my Dad. He taught me how to peal-out in car! Pretty cool eh? My favorite thing to do with my Dad is fish. I also love to jam on the ukulele with him. I remember how he used to gather us around and sing, "You Are My Sunshine" and "500 Miles". I now find myself carrying on the tradition.

He also taught me how to cook these bad boys. My Dad is famous for his ribs...they are the best!

Thanks Dad for always putting up with my shenanigans. I love you and hope that you have a wonderful Birthday.


Tara D said...

Happy Birthday!!!

hoLLy said...

amen to everything you wrote. he is the best! love you joe and hope you had a great birthday. we miss you!

Anonymous said...

JOey- you are following in dad's footsteps.

Pop if you read this i agree. love Cris.

Tatan bihu, Biba KumpleaƱos! Hu guiaya hao

Patty said...

You have the best dad Joey! You are right, many people really admire him for the kind person that he is and I am one of them. What a sweet tribute to your father. I hope you had a fantastic birthday Joe and congratulation on the arrival of your new grandson!!

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Thank you son for posting this message to daddy. The best honor you have given him is being his son and honoring your priesthood and upholding your family and taking care of them all. love mom

DAD/TATA said...

I feel like an ungratefull dad not answering and thanking you for all those comment that came from deep down your heart. I am bless to have you and to be able to teach you all the things that will help you. I also enjoy you calling me for advise and help on project. I am so proud of your accomplishment in life and your family. You have the sweetest girls and the love they have to each other and off course your beautiful wife Holly who care so much on teaching the girls love, caring, and respect.I am looking forward next month when you & your family comes down and we can jam on our uku. You remember those two song that i always sing to you and your sisters even if i don't know all the words but make up my own. Thanks again