Pink Ladies

A few Sundays ago I had to take a picture of my Pink Ladies. They all had on cute skirts and were color coordinated with pink and white. I'm sure this wasn't planned, right honey? ;o)

I feel so honored walking into church each Sunday with this string of pearls.


I Hate Risk

Ok, Holly just worked me at Risk tonight. She has reclaimed her spot at the top. That game is an emotional roller coaster for us. It has been two years since we played last, so that is an indicator of how much we get into it. Holly lost the last two times, so she vowed to never play again. I think it is actually good that she won because the game probably would have ended up in the trash.

The record is now Holly: 4, Joey: 2.


Cali Girl

As promised, here is Cali's spotlight. Isn't she just adorable? I think all my girls are. I feel so blessed to have these little angels in my life.


Adobe Fun

We took some pictures of the girls yesterday. It was fun, even though I'm a little rusty and I'm getting acquainted with my new toy....a Canon 30D. I love it. I was a Minolta guy for many years, but they've sold their camera division to Sony, so that ended that....sorry, I digress.

So, here are my sepia toned girls...OK only two of them, but I can't find one yet of Cali with the same orientation. She'll be spotlighted later on for sure! Anyway, enjoy the cute pics...


"Daddy Day"

I spent the day with two of my little girls, Aubrey and Ella. We had breakfast together (Barbie Pop Tarts) to start the day off. We then took a trip to Home Depot for our traditional monthly workshop. We build all sorts of cool stuff on the first Saturday of every month. Today we built an "Art Caddy". I have to say, it was one of the more difficult projects. The girls did great though and didn't smash any fingers, so that was good.

After Home Depot, we drove back home rockin' out to Barbie Magic of the Rainbow (can you tell I love my girls). I have to admit, that dang CD is pretty catchy. We then ate some lunch and hung around for a bit. Later on we went to the pool. When we were at the door waiting to leave Aubrey was really cute and said, "This is a fun day...it's a Daddy Day!" That made me feel loved :o) . When we were at the pool the girls were both swimming the best ever! I was so proud.