Parachutes Are Good For A Laugh

I could not help posting this video on my lunch break. A coworker of mine sent it to me.


Happy Birthday Nikki!!!

Today is my sister Nikki's birthday! I would like to wish her a very happy birthday. My sister is amazing. She has been able to accomplish so much academically and within her family. We are so proud of you Nikki and hope that your birthday is fantastic and filled with goodies. We love and miss you!!!


Mobile Blogger

Check it out! I can send pics from my cell phone strait to my blog. I know, nothing new, but still pretty cool.


Look Out LPGA!

I am so proud of my girls golf swing. This was after one two minute lesson (Aubrey) and a 10 second wrestle (Ella). Check out their form...superb!



What can I say about my Holly. She is my everything. I'll always remember our first real conversation and never wanting it to end. We sat at a park for hours talking about everything. Falling in love with her was one of the easiest things that I have ever done. She was literally an answer to my prayers and I'll never forget the moment I realized that. It was... Some Kind of Wonderful ;o) .

Our friendship and love is eternal. I find such peace in living the gospel and knowing that my wife and my best friend will be with me forever. I am so grateful for the wonderful plan of happiness that our Father in Heaven has prepared for all of us. I love you Holly and will you be my Valentine?

P.S. If you will, I can give you toast, goodies, cheeps, and saallad tonight.
P.S.S. "I think that I think about you way too much."


Home Depot Darlings

Aubrey and Ella have finally earned their Home Depot Kids Workshop patch! I am so proud of them! This represents 10 different projects that they have completed. They are also now certified to drive the forklift in Home Depot!

Here are all of the cool things that they've been able to build: fire truck piggy bank, butterfly box, tray, truck crayon holder, castle, super bowl foot stool, art caddy, memory box, planter, race car, and picture frame. I would have to say that my favorite project has been making memories.