Happy Birthday to the One I Love

Happy Birthday hoLLy!!! "It's a holiday cause it's your birthday, today!" ;o)

Today is my sweetheart's birthday. Not only is she my sweetheart, but she also happens to be my best friend. She makes me want to be a better person. I couldn't imagine spending eternity with anyone else.

I cannot believe how much we've been through over the years. You are the mother and wife I always knew you would be. I love you for your righteousness and your good example to others. You are always thinking of others and you are so selfless. I love you and hope that your day is special.

Other Birthday Messages

"Happy birthday Mommy! I hope you have a wonderful daaay!" -Love, Aubrey
"Happy birthday Mom. I love you! And that's all..." -Love, Ella
"Mamba. Mom." -Love, Cali
"Weeeeeeee!!!" -Love, Baby


Little Lucy

A little story from the time I spent last year with my Sister, Watson, and Lucy...

When Lucy passed away last year I flew to NY to be with my family. The time that we spent together as we mourned her death was sacred. We spent many hours inside talking, crying, and comforting each other. We even had a laugh or two-something that I don't think Lucy would mind one bit, her being a clown and all. Needless to say, that time in NY was precious.

One day Christine and I were in the living room. She was at the computer while I was strumming softly on my ukulele. Christine didn't know earlier that month I had a desire to learn the song, "Let It Be." I had been playing it at home often and had the chords memorized, but I still kept the sheet music around to learn the lyrics. As I played that song in Christine and Watson's Staten Island apartment, the words, "Let It Be" burned into my heart. I came to realize why I was learning that song. Lucy was preparing her own special little way to comfort me; something she has done for many people actually.

Lucy truly was and still is an Angel. For as the scripture says, "Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ." In that moment of realization through song, I gained an even greater testimony of the comforting power of the Holy Ghost. The awareness that our Father in Heaven has for each and everyone of us is nothing short of amazing.

We lit a candle for you today Lucy, in remembrance of those you lit in our hearts. "And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me. Shine until tomorrow, let it be." Lucy, please continue to shine on all of us...especially the ones that gave you your clown feet. We love you and know that we will see you again someday.

~Uncle Joey


Daddy Duty

Holly is away visiting her BFF in St. George, UT with little Cali. This was our gift to Holly for her birthday. Aubrey and Ella are here with me while Holly is away. We are surviving and having fun, but the we really miss Cali and Mommy. :o(

I have to admit, it has been a challenge picking out acceptable outfits and doing their hair. Aubrey has been really helpful in the hair department. She has become quite the hairstylist. I'm sure Melissa and Sheri will fill you in Holly on how I did. :o)

Whenever Holly is gone for any length of time we gain a greater appreciation for her. Mothers have such a great responsibility in rearing children. The job is so tough and I don't know how people can do it alone. Anyway, we really miss you Mommy and Cali and we can't wait to see you again!!

Here are some pics of the girls on Saturday at the ward's Primary Water Olympics....


Tony Hawk Sk8board Contest

Check out the sk8board design I made for a Tony Hawk contest. If I win, I will receive a trip to LA to the Tony Hawk Foundation event, meet Tony Hawk and other celebrities at the party, and my design will be made into an actual skateboard!

My odds of winning are probably less than 1/9000. That's not too bad considering what I could win eh? Wish me luck!!! :)

P.S. The "holsmi80" is not part of the design. I just don't want anyone nabbing my sk8board.