"The Best Daddy Daughter Day Ever!"

I was able to spend the entire day with my little girls yesterday and it was a blast. We wore each other out big time. We had so much planned for the day that we had to write it down to make sure that we got everything in.

Here is everything that we did yesterday:
  • Ate cinnamon rolls and three fresh strawberries for breakfast

  • Constructed Lego works of art

  • Went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch, fun time, and mad dashes from the big mouse

  • Watched Meet the Robinsons DVD with freshly popped corn

  • Took a nature hike at town lake

  • Played air hockey at the rec. center

  • Had Leftovers!!!

  • Went bike riding at Glen Oaks Park

  • Gave Mom BIG hugs

Here are the highlights:
  • Three strawberries can go a long way when they cost $80

  • Legos are still my favorite toy for booby traps and hours of imagination/creativity time

  • Ella won the jackpot on the Deal or No Deal game (aren't you proud, Grandpa Smith?)

  • 2 Minutes and 45 seconds for perfect popcorn

  • Gotta love free rec. center games

  • Always good to $ave some sweet mula

  • The girls are pros on their bikes!!?? Where does the time go?

  • We really missed you Mom!!!!
It was a great day that every Dad should get to enjoy. I've been wanting to give Holly a day off for a while now...she so deserves it. It also gives you such an appreciation for your wonderful wife and all the hard work she puts in every day. Aubrey and Ella ended the day with saying, "This was the best Daddy daughter day ever!!" I would have to agree...


cyndi/mom/nana said...

We are very proud of you son. You are a great daddy and your girls will always remember their daddy dates. The list was an excellent idea. I love those inexpensive strawberries. Been there done that! Talking to the girls yesterday you could hear the excitement they had in their voices. Treasured moments.

hoLLy said...

you are the best daddy and husband in the world! i seriously believe that! i was wowed by the list of things you guys crammed into your day together. wowed. now they're going to wish i was gone every saturday:)

Olive Lucy said...

jd- maybe you can sell that print of the strawberry for $80 and get your investment back. oh that was watson idea not mine.

Jan said...

You're such a good daddy - those girls will always remember their day with their dad.

Tara D said...

What a good daddy you are! THank you for letting me borrow Holly that Saturday. We had so much fun!