I Love Lucy

As many of you know, we have had some very sad news in our family. In my sister's own words, here is what transpired as they anticipated the arrival of their new baby:

"We returned to the hospital next morning at 6:30 am and at that time they were no longer able to find a heart beat. More and more Doctors tried to find it and soon our room was filled with so many that we knew that things had gone very wrong. We were told that at some time during the night our precious angel's heart had stopped beating. There is no explanation that could be found at that time. "

"At 3:38pm Monday, August 27, 2007 our perfect angel arrived:

Olive Lucy Kawecki

Aug 27, 2007 3:38 PM7 lbs, 8 oz.

22 1/2 inches long

And she has great big clown feet."

I flew out Wednesday to be with my family and to attend the services for Lucy. Everything about the service was a lovely tribute to her and the impact she has in our lives. At a moment when the strings could have come loose within our family, she pulled them tight. She helped me to understand that I should call a little more, stay longer on my knees, dance and not care, and not be afraid to share my talents. As we (Me, My Dad, Noodle, and Jeff) played "You are My Sunshine" on the ukulele for her, Lucy taught me that it's okay to let her memory and laughter occupy the same space.

Thank you so much Watson and Christine for letting me be a part of the services. I truly became acquainted with Lucy as I had the honor of creating her slide show. I feel like I was able to experience "Lucy's Journey", as Watson titled it.

I know that we'll see her again and that her memory will never fade from our hearts. As Christine mentioned during the service, Lucy will continue to giggle at the fact that we can't help but say, "I Love Lucy."


Champion Family said...

That was a very tender blog. We're so sorry for your loss. Trials can happen so quickly in our lives. Your blog was very moving.

Olive Lucy Kawecki said...

joey, you are an amazing man. Somedays it is hard for me to believe that you are so grown. We were grateful to your for your talents and love of our daughter and to your family for sharing you with us during some of our darkest hours. Share your talents, all of them with the world, so that Lucy can dance in heaven every-time you play the uke. Peace light and love always, your sister, your brother and your niece. C, W and L

Jan said...

I love Lucy for sure. What a sweet record of what happened -- and I agree, tears and laughter pop up together quite often. Lots of love and prayers going up for you and your family.

Mom/Nana said...

When did you grow up on me son. You have always been very sensitive to our families needs. Thank you for being a good son, good husband and good daddy. Lucy must have been just jumping up and down like Cali in your video while you played for her with daddy "you are my sunshine", I'm glad you all remember your dad singing that song to you guys, the words are ever so true. Continue to grow your talents your family will look to you for them and it is a great time honored tradition. love mom

hoLLy said...

The way you wrote this post was so sweet and touching Joey. You are a really good writer. I wish I could have been there at the funeral and that I could've heard the song you all played. I know Lucy was watching, smiling, and singing along:) You are a great daddy, husband, brother, uncle, son-in-law, nephew, brother-in-law, the list could go on. This post was a nice tribute to our perfect and beautiful niece.

Kristi said...

That was beautiful, Joey. I know I don't even know you or your family, but my heart goes out to your sister--she is incredibly brave and strong. And lucky to have such a great brother. She is in our thoughts and prayers.

Joey Duenas said...

Thank you all for your sweet and heart felt comments.

Olive Lucy Kawecki said...

joey, so i have been looking at picture of your grils and today i came across a picture of ella that is from around the time she was 1 montn old. i am so Grateful of all the pictures you and holly have sent us over the years. C, W &OL